Saving Money Today: Motorcycles

Saving Money Today: Motorcycles
By Brian Robbins
You’ve seen them on the highway, maybe on Rt. 29 around C’ville or on I-64. You’ve seen them on television. You want one. Motorcycles are a popular alternative to the classic automobile. Finding the right motorcycle for you will be an adventure unto itself. Before you reach the stage of deciding whether or not to combine your car insurance with motorcycle insurance, or whether you really need leather saddlebags, you have to shop around for the bike. Height, weight, and driving expectations all go into what type of motorcycle you choose.
Once you’ve bought one, however, the real work begins. Motorcycle maintenance is just like the maintenance of a car: pay attention, read the manual, and establish a regular schedule. Oil changes, chain or belt inspection, tire care, and regular visits to the shop to keep it running smoothly will all help extend the life of your new ride (and keep you safe!). And of course, wear a helmet. Stay protected out there.
Another key element in saving money as a motorcycle owner, and generally being a responsible motorist, is finding the right motorcycle insurance. Allstate can help with that. Get a free quote for motorcycle insurance in Charlottesville today. Your ride will thank you.
C’ville Insurance:
Public Domain Image. Old military motorcycle.
Public Domain Image. Old military motorcycle.

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