Consider Allstate Business Shield

Allstate's Business Shield
Allstate’s Business Shield

Consider Allstate Business Shield

Allstate Business Shield is unique in how it covers small businesses. Now, business insurance is nothing new, but tailoring a commercial insurance policy to match the complex dynamics of each business takes skill and commitment. Let’s say you are a florist; Allstate Business Shield turns into Allstate Florist Shield! What if a customer slips on some petals and water from a spilled flower vase? You’re covered. What if a vehicle hits a power pole off rt. 29 or a transformer in Charlottesville goes on the fritz and your refrigerator cuts off, spoiling your perishable flowers? You’re covered. What if your driver delivers wedding flowers to the wrong church and you’re liable? Don’t sweat it, your business insurance has you covered.

C’ville Allstate Insurance has great coverage beyond commercial insurance. Car insurance / auto insurance, life insurance, retirement planning, rental insurance, homeowner insurance, motorcycle insurance, and more are available for your needs. We’re focusing on the Business Shield aspect of it today though, in part because of how flexible it can be while it molds itself to your business needs. It doesn’t matter if your business is situated in Charlottesville or Waynesboro or Earlysville, or so on. If your business is in Laundromats, lawn care, sales, etc. we can create a policy to fit your specific needs while still offering a good price.

A good price may be one of your concerns, but it shouldn’t be your only concern. Every business can benefit from insurance and as your business grows to include more employees, expenses, and a wider customer base, you should be increasingly aware of the necessity for business insurance. Lawsuits can happen to anyone, not just “big commercial corporations”, and fires, thefts, floods, etc. can also occur to any business.

If you’d like to learn more about Allstate’s Business Shield, give agent George Jaffe a call at 434-293-2886. Or visit:


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